Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tag your bike mobile!

Now you will get a so-called "QR-Code" when you register your bike.

On the right hand of your bicycle page, you will see the QR-Code. You can print the QR-Code as a sticker for your bike.


So when someone will find your bike, it is possible to catch the matrix (QR-Code) with the camera of a mobile device and get in touch with you over the private messaging system at your bikepage.

How it works:

Here is a list of supported mobile phones:

Mobile Tag App by:

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Jordan Curzon said...

How do you print the QR-code on a sticker?

mo said...

Currently there is only the ability that you print on unused sticker labels.
We know that´s not the best and easiest way. But we are working on better solution.

Please have a little patience.
And thank you for your comment.

For example you can buy white labels here:
(You will redirect to a commercial offer. It`s NOT our offer)

takkk said...

What if the thief removes the stickers?

mo said...

Hello takkk,

The main idea is to register your frame- and componentsnumbers.
The most bicycles have punched the framenumbers under the bottom brackets.

The Sticker is a feature and a mobile-tagging tool to show the thief that the bike is registered with the framenumbers. So it is more complicated to resell stolen bikes or components, the information on the sticker is the short link to your bike profile.
In the bike profile are the main informations about frame and componentnumbers so it is possible to search for these!